Thursday, December 5, 2013

14 Weeks Pregnant: Baby First Visual Heartbeat, Mandela Dies, Dallas Paralyzed

Milestone day!

Key achievements today:

  • 3.5 months pregnant
  • Baby is 35% cooked in the oven
  • 14 weeks
  • Day 98
  • 182 more days to go
  • measures about 3.5 inches (size of a fist)
  • size of a lemon
  • weighs 1.5 ounces

Miraculous Baby Activity:
  • Can now squint
  • frown
  • grimace
  • pee
  • and possibly also suck his thumb
  • his brain impulses are now causing his facial muscles to getting a good workout
  • his kidneys are officially producing urine
  • he can grasp
  • wiggle his toes
  • growing lanugo (thin hair covering his body is growing fast) keeps him warm too

I can write all I want, but a video will always be much more awe-inspiring than anything I could ever describe. On this special milestone, we're sharing the actual first visual recording of Baby G's heartbeat as well as observe as they are measuring his two feet.... Enjoy!

Can't play when you click above? Click Here to Watch Baby G Heartbeat Video

Parent Homework

At this stage, we are now being given homework. The first is to start deciding on baby names. Any ideas on names that go with Gallegos?

The other assignment is to start thinking of the type of childbirth to have (what!!!!!!!). Apparently there are four main types one can prepare for:
  1. Lamaze
  2. Bradley
  3. Dick-Read
  4. Hypnobirthing
This topic is wayyyyy out of my league. So I will leave it at that. This second trimester though is considered the "honeymoon trimester" as this is when she glows and has the least amount of growing pains with the baby and her body. Otherwise referred to as the "only really good trimester you get." All in all, life changes don't get bigger than this. 

Today's big milestone was also topped with other big news. Nelson Mandela died at 95. Here a man that made a positive impact in our world. 

Here is a man that taught us so many things about kindness and love. But most importantly about the power of forgive.

We did get the bad news that our special person from yesterday did indeed have cancer, stage 3 in fact. It is called Lymphoma cancer. We are hopeful that with a good dose of medical care and chemotherapy dosed with tons of TLC, he will be back to being his normal self in no time. If you are the praying type, please keep him in prayer. 

At home, we are in seclusion mode. Dallas comes to a standstill in inclement weather. Let me rephrase that, it paralyzes. Everything stops and all businesses close. So tonight is our first ice storm of the winter. Thanks Denver! It came from Colorado. Bummer as our company Holiday party was canceled for tomorrow. And literally all schools are closed. So it's a self-imposed 3 day weekend.......holla!


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