Monday, December 2, 2013

13w4d: Cold Be Gone, Hair Attack, Renewed Energy For Shopping, Oh No!

Today is Day 95 of our pregnancy. And 185 more days to go!

These weeks have definitely been the longest and slowest in our life. I'm glad we are not giraffes though as their gestational period is 425 days. Or elephants! Because their gestation is for 640 days! Yikes!!!

In case you are wondering, for us humans it is 280 days or 40 weeks. Give or take a week or two depending on many factors from first-time birth to baby weight, or to realization of baby's awareness of what he or she is in for.

Thankfully, the full-on cold she had last week which rendered her to be in bed most of the time - thanks to the flu shot from a week ago today - is now history. Just a lingering slight cough.

And like clockwork, in this second trimester, her energy is back in full force. No surprise because some of that is being dedicated to making us a part of the frenzy that tends to happen this time of the year: shopping!

Don't get me wrong. I love shopping. But NOT with the wife. Worse yet, with a pregnant one. She is still on the hunt for that perfect pair of jeans that are bump friendly. Why are two not enough anyway?

Apparently, her pregnancy also merits maternity boots. Oy Vei!

I still struggle being the disciplinarian when it comes to food intake. (Shall I go back to my bitterness of my entire Vitamix smoothie still sitting in the fridge?).

So off to Whole Foods it was to grab dinner tonight in between the shopping rampage.

It was cool though shopping for Aveda products for the wife. Apparently they make only plant-based stuff like creams, and lotions, and hair products. None of their stuff have chemicals. So they are not harmful to the baby. Why cool? Cuz I got to also pick out some cool products for shaving. Hey, I'm the Pregnant Husband too remember!

At this point, experts recommend wife sleep with her head elevated as it will help with the impending night-time heartburn. Hopefully though, this will be just like the expected morning sickness, she had NONE!

The baby's hair follicles are now starting to form as well as his tooth sockets. I really do hope he has recovered from the hot sauce overdose given to him on Saturday!


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