Tuesday, November 26, 2013

On The Eve Of Our 7th Wedding Anniversary, We Are Thankful & Blessed With The Greatest Gift of All!

MAX & ALICIA ARE PREGNANT! - Estamos Esperando!!!

Well, you now know that Alicia and I are pregnant, expecting, and having a baby!

WELCOME! To our baby story....

We have to admit this has been our longest ever and toughest best kept secret.

But we are God-willing at a stage where we can share it with our beloved family and friends!

So sit back, relax, and come along for one of our life's biggest, best, and most rewarding adventures! (so we are told)

Yes, I am writing our story. Surprised?

To our left you can navigate and be a part of our journey from the day we found out we were pregnant. Click on any day, skip around, or grab some popcorn and read the entire thing.

Please share your comments too! We want to hear from you!

Thank you for being a part of our journey.....

Now, let's follow the steps of Baby Gallegos coming home very soon!


Damos Gracias a Dios por mandarnos la bendición y privilegio de ser padres justo en nuestro septimo aniversario de casados!

Estamos Esperando!

Bienvenidos a nuestra historia, les invitamos ha que sigan nuestros pasos en esta gran jornada de la vida.

Sin duda, este ha sido uno de los secretitos mas dificiles de ocultar. Pero gracias a Dios, llegamos al punto en esta jornada que parece ser Diosito nos lo esta encargando a estos tres meses de embarazo.

Así que lo compartimos con nuestros queridos amigos y familiares....y porque no, con el mundo entero!

Y como es de orden, estoy a cargo de escribir nuestra historia, nuestro nuevo capitulo en nuestra vida.

Obvio queremos que sean parte de ella! Y tambien por favor haganle clic abajo donde dice COMMENTS y dejen sus comentarios, queremos leer sus palabras, consejos, y puntos de vista!

En este libro virtual, podrán seguir nuestras experiencias. Pueden hacerle clic a las fechas a la izquierda y leer los acontecimientos que hemos vivido desde que nos dimos cuenta de esta regalito de Dios.

Pueden cambiar el idioma seleccionando ESPAÑOL tambien en la cajita de arriba a la izquierda. Pero como la computadora traduce las palabras literalmente, estoy seguro que la traducción estará tan mal como cuando hablo español. Pero entenderán el mensaje....eso espero!

Gracias por ser parte de nuestras vidas y por compartir con nosotros unos de los momentos mas inolvidables de nuestro amor...

Ahora, ha seguir los pasos del Baby Gallegos....siganme los buenos!


  1. I'm so excited and happy for both of you, now you will understand what us parents have been sharing about parenthood. It's going to be an amazing journey, yes it's great but it also gets challenging at times, vent away.. ask, share and be open to advice. Congrats and May our heavenly father be the center of this new journey and new life inside of my beloved prima! Love you..

  2. What?! Are we talking puppies?
    Ok, may all the blessing be with you and this precious, long awaited person. It would go against you're principles to find out the gender of this baby, so suck,it up and wait. I'm sure you can pick a name from,your already prepared list of boy and girl names. Bendiciones!

  3. Thanks Christina, I'm sure we're gonna be needing lotsa expert advice!

  4. Baby name list? Where? No such thing. That will be quite the moment. It will be fun sparing with the wife on names.

  5. I read the entire blog Max....so beautifully written, such painstaking detail! Welcome to the roller coaster ride of parenthood, I know it can be overwhelming at times but you two are going to be wonderful parents ♥ hang in there and love her a LOT.....mAx you have no idea how hard it is to carry and deliver a baby. I look forward to reading all about it!! Muchas felicidades

  6. Well, you won't be reading about carrying and delivering since I am not the one tasked with that chore. But I can certainly share my experience being there as she yells at me and tells me to fetch her some fresh Cheetos!

    But appreciate your feedback. Especially you being along for the ride. But wait a minute. The roller coaster continues? I will need more coaching in that department. I thought after this it would be coasting.....and no longer rollin' -- :)