Wednesday, November 6, 2013

9w6d: Cheetos, Nachos & Our Pregnancy Secret Revealed

Today was an overall stressful and comical day. I need a drink!

Let's start with the baby.

He (since this is not my wife's blog the baby is not a she). Or a HUPO.
Ok, so our HUPO is doing great with mommy thus far.

His fingerprints are already evident on his skin. In fact, this little HUPO is now curving his fingers as when objects are placed in the palm of our hands to hold.

Just plain fascinating. Especially how much I've realized how we take life for granted as we live our days. These last two months have made me see life from a different filter. Life is so miraculous and fragile. It truly is a miracle that any one of us is truly alive.

Ok, HUPO. Like PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise), HUPO is He until proven otherwise. Ja! I know, the wife doesn't find this very amusing.

Speaking of wife, she continues to crave Cheetos. That's outta control. I told her that if she keeps up, willpower is so strong that the baby will either have Cheeto breath or have a Cheeto face.

But she really can't wait to share the news with everyone. In fact, willpower is so strong - I totally believe in that strength - that it almost happened today.

My inlaws published this blog link on their Facebook page. You read right. I almost had a coronary attack. I proceeded to frantically text them to delete their post as everyone would find out we were pregnant and we were not ready to announce it to the world just yet. I didn't hear back from them so I pulled the wife from the classroom to get a hold of them, or to get their password so we could immediately delete the post. We eventually accessed their account and deleted the post.

During the panic, I proceeded to disable the blog and take it offline. So if you had technical difficulties accessing the blog today, you know why. So far, we haven't received any calls from family congratulating us on the baby so we hope the immediate action worked to continue keeping this pregnancy a secret for now. We really don't want to drag family into this rollercoaster until we know we are somewhat out of the danger zone of the first trimester.

All in all, both the wife and I have created monsters out of our parents with social media. They love it and I enjoy teaching them the technology and how it improves their life. My Mom has taken it notches higher and even now has her own live daily radio show online. It's amazing.

We love our parents and are so happy we can share of our lives from afar with the use of technology. Afterall it's a part of our life. Our announcement afterall to them a few weeks back was through Skype with Mom and FaceTime with my inlaws. So we are lucky they embraced technology and have incorporated the tools into their lives.

As for this blog, its purpose is threefold. The primary purpose is therapy for me. Second, as a journal for our child to cherish and chronicle his development, trials and tribulations of his welcome to our life. And third, to share in the journey with friends and family who care to follow the craziest and most anticipated chapter of our life. But in due time, not just yet.

As a pregnant Dad, I must confess I am now craving Cheetos with a McRib. Or better yet, Cheetos in the McRib with a side of Nachos. Afterall, today is National Nachos day! Who's with me?

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