Tuesday, November 5, 2013

9w5d: Missing Family on Pregnant Adventure

So it's 2 months, 1 week, and 5 days.

Such little time in the grand scheme of things, yet to us feels like 9 years. Nobody warned us this waiting game would be playing itself in slow motion.

One thing I realized today while doing some serious windshield time, was how much fulfillment I get in talking to family about this beautiful phase of our lives. Mom has been so supportive and there every step of the way despite the distance. The wife's parents are right there with us.

In this adventure, it has made me realize how much I miss being around those we love to be able to share in this ride. It's a priceless conversation when they share with us their genuine pride and happiness for us. Sure, technology helps bridge the physical divide. But nothing will ever replace the hug, kiss, and touch of those we love. God knows the wife could benefit from a shoulder to lean on from time to time given her tear-bursting phenomena which happens sporadically without notice.

I think I can also confess this is the longest secret I've ever kept as I have a tough time keeping them. Going two months without telling the world of our pregnancy is just not healthy for the soul. But I get why.

I replay in my head that day when we are in the clear to share our joy with friends and family alike. I think that this pregnancy will overload Facebook's circuits and cause it to go offline at least for the day. I've also started brainstorming potential hashtags for the announcement. In this day and age, a pregnancy and newly brought child into the world is not official without its own unique Twitter hashtag. Everyone knows that!


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