Sunday, November 3, 2013

9w3d: First Time at Maternity Boutique Store!

What a beautiful November Sunday. Spent the day recovering from all the physical exertion yesterday. We live in such an outstanding neighborhood that makes it the #1 reason we love living here when we are 1,700 miles away from friends and family. More on that in another blog post later in the journey.

Today was a very special day as she couldn't put off a visit to buy maternity clothes!!! We were so excited as we nervously walked into the Pickles & Ice Cream maternity boutique. She was looking for maternity jeans and pants. She also picked up a cool night sleep two piece thingy. She looks hot!

As I sat waiting, I took my place in a comfy one seater couch which to their marketing genius is one of those rocker chairs you put in a nursery to chill with the baby and entertain and feed while you are are zombie sans sleep. I've been warned of my pending sleep deprivation around the corner. I'm actually looking forward to it! As I was settling in and looking at the various fabric and color swatches to customize the chair, I was envisioning which color and fabric would look best in our nursery...for the wife to just overrule anyway. At that point the phone rang and it was Mom. She was checking up on us to see how we were doing after the loss of our twin. She was quite moved and sad - as have my inlaws. I reiterated that we accept God's will and it just wasn't our baby's time. The little angel has another calling for now. As our conversation continued, the wife came out to showcase her maternity jeans. She looked great! Funny thing about maternity clothes is that the only difference is a sewn-on elastic band that hugs the tummy. Kinda like fat-friendly gear.

I took the mandatory photo op as we left and away we went continuing to plan and envision our new life with our baby. We spent much time discussing parenting styles and expectations on how their life will be surrounded with an abundance of love and good dose of sports - including gymnastics regardless of the gender.

Momma continues eating as healthy as she can and still grumpy about it. She finds no taste in her usual love affair of eating. Other key happenings of note:

* lotsa fatigue and drowsiness
* moodiness (only when house is disorganized, better said: my clothes all over the house)
* frustrated with her relationship with food
* craving Costco pizza exclusively
* pronounced big blue chest veins disappeared

* skin is thickening and becoming less transparent
* by the end of the week, the baby will be 2 inches long
* follicles for hair, finger and toenails begin to appear
* average growth rate from now through birth will be .06 inches per day
* in another week intestines will have migrated from the umbilical cord to stomach of baby
* eyelids will fuse shut

How far along? 
2 months, 1 week, 3 days

Total weight gain:
None, actually lost a pound.

Maternity clothes? 
YES!!! Unlike her favorite routine of unbuttoning her pants. Had the special milestone in stepping into a Pickles & Ice Cream boutique today after brunch at Bread Winners. It's a maternity place!!! 

Stretch marks?

Worst part of her day. Horrible she explains. 1st four hours are ok, but 2-3 times to restroom keep her up and tough time falling asleep. This makes her time at work difficult compounded with fatigue and tiredness.

Best moment this week: 
Seeing the baby move on Friday. Wiggling arms and wrists. She was dancing in her belly!

Miss Anything? 
She misses eating chile, real food, eating normal food. Sushi, fried foods, But I think what she misses most are her morning lattes and her wine!

Can't feel movement as it's too soon but saw the baby moving around on Friday's ultrasound.

Food cravings: 
Cheetos. Grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough with lotsa pickles. Wine ( she considers it a food group). 

Food aversions:
All types of hubby food grosses her out. Milk. All green veggies, but she always hated them anyway. 

She wants to find out as she is a compulsive and obsessive planner. I would like that element to be the old-fashioned way of finding out at birth. 

Labor Signs: None

A lot. Sore boobs. Restless nights. Runs out of breath easily. Crying at school for dumb reasons unimportant to her. Can only half of food plate ( my personal favorite). Hates cooking now. Domestic days are over according to her. Lotsa peeing. 

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Looking forward to:
Showing a bump. Buying maternity top, feeling kicks and bumps, and to changing hubby's mind on finding out gender of baby prior to birth. Eating sushi. Eating chile. Drinking wine. To decorating nursery. No more doctor pokes.

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