Saturday, November 30, 2013

13w2d: Accepting The Love We Feel We Deserve. You living a life of gratefulness?

187 days to go...

The baby's brain is now clearly visible. Especially the two hemispheres. In fact, in the ultrasound last Monday, that was one of the key reliable measurements that track the growth and development of the baby.

Since today was mostly Fireball recovery, had the chance to watch The Perks of Being A Wallflower movie again with the wife.

The writer and producer of the movie is a buddy from college. We lived in the same apartment complex and worked at the same place too, so needless to say, very proud of his first movie in the big screen.

Powerful movie on coming of age, but most importantly is one of the recurring themes in the movie about love.

It struck me because many times one goes through life getting involved in relationships that are toxic. Those that deep inside we know are not good but choose to remain, I think we have all experienced to  various degrees. Ultimately, we end up accepting the love we feel we deserve. So if we feel we deserve nothing, we bring and accept relationships that are empty and void of substance. Or simply those that do not make us a better person.

I've often said that I consider myself lucky in love for having my wife in my life. She makes me a better person day after day. We have something so special that sharing it with a child is going to magnify our imprint. It's that elusive legacy. That is what I wish for, for my legacy to be that we gave of our love to another human being and raise them in that uniqueness that is what we feel for each other. And have him or her give that back to the world. Sounds prophetic, but I strongly feel that love really is that thing that makes the world go round.

There are many times that we tell ourselves how how we need to stop and smell the roses. This monk has a powerful yet simplistic way to address just that. In order for us to live happier more fulfilling lives is simply by being grateful. Especially by building stop signs in our life to take life in.

I share this because I strongly believe that is why we are in the journey we are on today - my wife and I. We took the time to Stop, Look, and Go. Ultimately his message is one of, you want to be happy? Simply be grateful. Enjoy:

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