Thursday, November 28, 2013

13 Weeks Pregnant: First Video of the Baby! Thankful For The Little Things!

A joyous Thanksgiving to everyone! We couldn't be prouder to share with everyone why we are so thankful and blessed for our little bun in the oven on this day dedicated to family togetherness and love.

The Baby
What better day than today to debut our little blessing? So here for his debut, is Baby Gallegos showing off by not only squirming and doing leg presses, but he decided to tell us how he handled hiccups!

I myself am convinced the hiccups are due to the wife's obsession with Cheetos!!!

Without further ado, please enjoy and ignore the "oh wows" and "omg's" from his dazed parents:

Click here in the middle of the box below:

Today the baby's gestational age is 13 weeks exactly or 3 months 1 week pregnant. I don't get the whole week tracking thing. I guess I was never really good at month to be calculating things in my head. But 3 months pregnant is more practical to me than this week business.

Other awesome developments in the baby:

  1. Her fingerprints have formed completely on all of her fingertips
  2. Veins and organs still visible through thin skin
  3. Her body growth is starting to catch up with her huge bobble head
  4. If she is a girl, she now has over 2 million eggs in her overies
  5. She is now 3 inches long (size of a pea pod)
  6. Weighs nearly if not more than an ounce

What's Up With Wife
We had to cancel Thanksgiving plans with friends because this was her 3rd day in bed with both a cold and raging headaches. But since we have the best friends ever, they delivered food and dessert all night long.

We also did some quality face timing with the annual traditional reunion of the wife's family. We felt the love as they wanted to see and talk to us about our big news announcement which was more of a bombshell to them all as they were and are so much in awe and happy for the fact that it was now our time.

Her body:

  1. While she doesn't think so, baby bump is very visible! I will post once she authorizes
  2. Her skin is very very dry and flaky, never ever been like this
  3. Her "girls" as she calls them are quite out of control, like really out of control
  4. Still breaking out, currently showcased in bright red on upper right cheek
  5. Her headaches are out of control, but blame doc's flu shot Monday 

Fairly enjoyable day with calls from family and friends sharing their love. Doesn't get better than that. 

I also followed the birthing trail (literally) well into the night from a friend who is currently in labor at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in LA also giving birth. Rough labor which about an hour ago was scheduled to be a c-section right about now. How cool to be born today. So congrats Lisa and Henry!  

Now I look forward to leftovers for the morning! 

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