Tuesday, November 26, 2013

12w5d: Overwhelmed With Abundant Love

This has been a very emotional last couple months and moreso last couple weeks on complete and total overdrive. We are exhausted.

But our batteries were recharged today with so much abundant love thrown our way at the unveiling of the bun in the oven.

It still is quite surreal to us even though we are well into being three months pregnant and having actually heard and seen a live human being inside of the woman I love.

We were in bed today (remember the exhausted part) just looking at each other saying, really? Us?
Yeap us. And we will take it.

It has been so refreshing to know how those in your life readily share bits of wisdom and even do's and dont's. Some apologize for unsolicited advice, but please don't, we welcome every last bit of it. After all, we don't know what we don't know, right? We are clearly late to the game in this department so it will take a village to do this and learn from what y'all have. Hey, we didn't invent parenthood, but we can give it a shot at making it better! And if you are reading this, it's very likely you are a member of that village!

So thank you. This is one of those tools we cherish as it allows us to stay connected and plugged in to those we love.  If nothing else, it's a cool outlet for this pregnant dad to rant and ramble.

Today was one of those epic days. It started at the crack of dawn as little Cowboy had his dreaded appointment at the vet for his demanhoodedness surgery. He was neutered, or spayed, I always forget the appropriate term. But you get the gist. In the meantime we agreed that today at 12:01pm would be the official announcement of our pregnancy. And so it happened.

I just love how news like ours just re energizes those around you and instills a sense of hope and genuine happiness. We felt it. And those sentiments are powerful enough that distance is no barrier.

Since the wife is on full blown cold mode thanks to the flu shot from yesterday's doc visit, I'm on extra duty playing nurse to wife and furbaby. And by 9pm, I'm ready to knock out.

Poor Cowboy is running around with a lamp shape collar around his neck and wife is demanding everything from Tylenol to halls, to cheesecake. I wouldn't make for good hired help or nurse around the house, I'd be fired.

I'm now officially convinced our child will have cheesecake cheeks and a Cheetos face. Her cravings are outta control.

She ate a whole cheesecake all to herself this week, there I said it. And I'm talking Costco-sized. How do I know? Because I served every slice and I don't do cheesecake and it's gone as of tonight. No wonder the kid is doing jumping jacks inside. We are feeding him crack sugar!

We were scheduled to be in Montana to bid farewell to my dearest Sue, as the doc gave Alicia permission to travel given that we are in our 2nd trimester. But the memorial service was organized in Montana for family so we respected the family wishes and gave them their space. Susie Q is still with me and my heart is with all the Mullins during this time despite the distance. I only hope their healing starts with the goodbye homage to her tomorrow.

I had an awesome conversation with a close person to Sue tonight who was indeed pulling a Sue and going anyway. Sue would be proud. :)

All in all a treacherous emotional and happy day.

Now, if I can only pull off surviving the next 191 days, I'll be well trained for those sleepless nights I keep being warned about.



  1. So so so happy for you and Alicia Max! You are now and will forever be on the most wonderful and amazing journey in you lives. I always wonder if i'm breaking the 1st commandment when I think about by kids (and grandbaby now). "Thou shall have NO other gods before me." Yo idolatro mis hijos y nieta. There's no other way to explain the love one feels for the creatures we create. If you thought you were happy get ready to live an even happier life. XOXO Abby M.

  2. Those are powerful words there! Look forward to your sage wisdom!