Monday, November 25, 2013

12w4d: Baby Has Hiccups & Waves to Mom and Dad - Go Mavs!

192 more days to go.

HUGE day today. I had butterflies in my stomach this morning because of the nervousness of the day's milestone. Those butterflies got worse as our 1:30pm appointment got closer.

The news: our baby is happy, healthy and growing fast! Maybe a little too fast. His gestational age should be exactly at 12 weeks 4 days of age and clocked in at 13 weeks 1 day. He also measured at 13.6 centimeters. His heartbeat came in at 160 beats a minute. Healthy and on track.

Big big baby!

But also ahead in development by a whole week. May not sound like much but in baby in uterus terms, it's a lot. Not that I want the baby to slow down, but at this rate he will end up being a nine or ten pound baby at birth and practically walking. Ironically, wife lost another pound. In fact, she has been losing one pound on every visit.

The exciting part  (and my favorite part of these doc visits to be honest) are when they do the ultrasound on the baby.

Today was a first as it was the first non-vaginal sonogram. This one was done right outside her belly since the baby is bigger now.

And boy were we surprised. He was having a party in the womb. A little shy at first ( just like his dad), but once he knew we were there, he started squirming, moving, and waving hello. It was such a magical moment to see your baby pushing his feet against the placenta and lifting his stomach upwards followed by lifting his head. He did this a couple times. Then came the best part, we witnessed the baby going through a bout of hiccups!

That was a bonus and totally special treat. Janet, the nurse was also taken back by all of his antics and acrobatics. She said he was a really happy baby. We took it in hoping to slow motion the time we were in the ultrasound room. His facial features were angelic. Perfect nose, mouth, feet, arms, knees, even head.

The nurse was even able to see the sex of the baby this early on. She asked if we wanted to know. While the wife is itching, I was able to compromise with her for us to do it the old-fashioned way and not find out until birth. It will make the delivery that much more special.

Then poke, poke, poke, felt so bad for pregnant wife. They did a Pap smear, then, bloodwork, then the NT test done at this stage to see the genetic development of the baby and see if there are any potential developmental delays.

The wife is in full low immunity vulnerability with a full blown cold now. Doc gave her some cold meds acceptable for pregnancy - Tylenol and Robitussin. She also has broken out in acne like a true teen. However, she got the green light to paint her hair, or whatever the term is used to describe the fact that most women don't embrace their aging with grace - nothing wrong with greys ladies. If I had any hair to begin with, I'd rock my greys for sure.

All in all, a great day. We celebrated by going to a Dallas Mavricks NBA game where the Denver Nuggets took a bite out of them, losing the game. So it was our baby's first basketball game. I wonder if he can hear sensations in the outside world. Another item to add to my ever-growing homework assignments. A Father's work is never done.

For now, I've gotta prep things for tomorrow's early rise. Our little morkie, Cowboy, is getting fixed. The poor thing will be under the weather for a week because of his surgery.

I'm sure the baby will be loopy and extra delirious overnight with the cold meds taken by mom to be. She was also given the flu shot. We were apprehensive about it at first but the doc assured us it was not harmful to the baby. Not taking it would actually be worse should wife get flu complications and really put her and baby at risk.

For now, I go to bed thinking of the awe-inspiring feeling I got at looking at him moving around on the screen and dancing around effortlessly and with the grace of those same butterflies I felt in the morning at the nervousness of the miracle of life happening to and within us.

Tonight, I continue to count our blessings.


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  1. You keep saying HE.. so do you think it's a boy or you were told its a boy? Hmmmmm?