Sunday, November 24, 2013

12w3d: Sniffles, a Cold, and Grey Hair...Oh My!

193 days to go.

Baby Gallegos is prepping to be seen by mom and dad tomorrow. We have an ultrasound and routine doc appointment to see what's going on so far.

His toes are now officially separate and all the same length. The ankle joints are now mature enough to be working.

The wife has felt some sharp tingling which is line with the expectation of her growing uterus to accommodate the growing baby. So the twinges around her pelvis are normal.

The reason for this is that the round ligaments which support the weight of the uterus are expanding. The short stabbing pain she has felt is on the right hip. Interestingly, the last couple days she feels the baby is mostly to the left of her belly. Keeping her feet up is strongly recommended to ease the pain. So this round ligament pain has been a NEW symptom our our pregnancy.

This freezing Sunday morning she woke with a subtle scratchy throat. So it looks as if her low immune system is finally an inevitable be impacted with a cold. I hope we ride this well as I don't know how this will impact the baby.

I do know that during a pregnancy, a woman's immune system is at its weakest point in order for the body to accept and nurture the baby. Otherwise, the body would identify the baby as a foreign object and destroy it. The human body is quite an unbelievable miraculous machine. So it's only natural that a cold would be easy to catch given the lowered immunity.

We are anxious for tomorrow as we meet with the doctor to see how things are going with the pregnancy.

Because the period of a pregnancy has to be as natural as possible, wife is running around saying how she's had the worse hair ever in her life. Since she can't apply chemicals to dye her hair, I guess she doesn't think a stray or two of grey hairs are sexy, I do!!!!!


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  1. We had dinner with Jon and Kristin. Amazing grubbin! Always enjoy the love they put into great food! The bonus was wife's halls to ease her throat. Hopefully the baby likes them just as much!