Friday, November 22, 2013

12w1d: Preparing to Announce Pregnancy!

195 days to go.

We are officially into our second trimester of our pregnancy. Wow!

To keep the math clean, 12w1d is pregnancy algebra talk for us being into our 13th week of pregnancy or having completed 12 weeks and 1 day. I sometimes totally believe we need to be an actuary to understand pregnancy math.

What's important here is that the baby is nestled, protected, nurturing, and growing!

Today is the first day we had Artic type temperatures. The pool was on all day which means its 32 degrees outside. It turns on automatically when it's freezing outside. There was ice on the roads.

It was also the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination in downtown Dallas. A lot of discussion on the conspiracy and debate of this event which changed our country.

Speaking of debates...

The spousal debate continues on two fronts:

1. The naming of this tyke.
2. The decision to find out the sex or be surprised at day of birth.

Yes, I'm a sucker for old fashioned tradition and prefer to have it be a surprise. The wife is a total planner and is freaking out about how she needs to know as she could only buy so many white, yellow, or green outfits. Heaven forbid the stroller or the carry thingy be a gender neutral color.

I'd like to take a poll. Please comment below by clicking on the comment link and give your point of view. Should we find out the sex or wait to find out when the baby is born?

Would love to know what the survey says. Don't be shy, please comment.

What we do agree on is that it's time to tell friends and family. We've agreed the announcement will be made on the eve of Thanksgiving day. Very fitting and perfect timing!!!!

Wife Symptoms:

* the black sharpie line in her stomach is getting darker for sure
* last night was the worse night in terms of sleep she was up all night
* she feels she is carrying a watermelon in her stomach
* keeps blaming husband for being very insensitive. (Someone needs to come to my rescue asap)
* is convinced she is squishing baby when she eats as she gets full quick and feels baby is smashed

I found it kinda funny that she told a coworker today (she was already suspecting) and she started crying of joy ( the coworker not the wife). The funny thing is that the wife had to hug and console her  instead of the other way around. Jaja! That was cool.

It's awesome to know that others are happy for our little bundle of joy. I hope they are just as happy when we will need them for babysitting duty. I will be recruiting and enlisting willing participants. Oh yes I will! Maybe I will start a Facebook page dedicated to that noble duty and service. Love it.

I was set on telling Sue today but we all know how well that plan worked out. But I was so happy that I connected with her sister. So through her I fulfilled my intention of bringing her into the loop. It felt good. The awesome thing is that I know Sue has joined my recruits upstairs along with grandma and dad to champion this kid into the world safe, healthy and sound come next June!

As of today the wife and I are officially on vacay until the week after next. So we can dedicate time to the nesting thing ( which she is driving me crazy on) and getting things ready in the nursery.

Did I just say nursery! Wow. It's the first time we've entered that word into our vocabulary.

I need a drink....


  1. 4 Bleau cheese olives please, dirty, on kettle one well stirred.

  2. I am a planner too! Had to know! My daughter found out at 14 weeks!!!!

  3. Wow, so it is a need to know thing.... :)

  4. As a true Virgo and major PLANNER, I'm for finding out NOW!!!!!!!!! Think of the FUN you'll have SHOPPING!!!!!!!!! It will still be a MIRACLE when you get to hold her/him upon birth.

  5. I think traditions are fun but everything evolves and times change, find out, be prepared, but stuff you really like and want. Now a days they have bold colors, you don't have to have pink for girls and blue for boys. Are you on pinterest, if not get pinning, they have so many ideas on nurserys, color schemes etc..

  6. Find out the sex. You guys need to decorate the baby's room and shop for clothes. You need to know what colors to buy.
    Abby M.

  7. You calling me antiquated? Jeje......what about just white? Add colors later!

  8. That's what I'm afraid of, I'm married to a planner on steroids.

  9. I get whatchu r saying Max but I am with Chup on this one, I am a planner myself and need to know so you can start thinking on the names for one gender and how to decorate the nursery....whether is for a boy or a girl....big difference.

    You need more than one drink! LOL! ;)

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