Wednesday, November 27, 2013

12 weeks 6 days pregnant: Toughest Day of Headaches For Wife & Heartache For Husband

In the end, only three things matter:

  1. how much you loved
  2. how gently you lived, and
  3. how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you. 
-- Buddha

Every ending is a beginning...

First of all. We are seriously totally and completely overwhelmed with the outpouring of support. Since our pregnancy announcement yesterday at noon, the blog has reached 4,000 readers. That is just crazy. But it also validates either the tremendous support network we count on, or the fact that everyone is just totally bored being off for Thanksgiving week!

I really think that our special prayer warriors (those who have been rooting for us to be parents all along with the power of prayer) were hard at work over these last seven years. This trying business is a lot of work, trust me. I've gotta say, I'm tired. It's a lot of work. There I said it.

It has been quite the journey. One day we will laugh at how cruel and painful it all has been. A life lesson that tests your faith, your relationship, and your own purpose in life. Deep stuff.

But for now, we continue to count our blessings. Miracles do happen, and we are currently taking care of one with all of our love and nurturing entrusted to us.

  • Worse headache in her life
  • So much for renewed energy in 2nd trimester, flu shot took her down
  • headaches common in this stage - especially when skipping meals causing low blood sugar triggering headaches full force
  • her immune system is weakened during pregnancy as it's the body's way to protect the baby (scary!)

But today has been the toughest day of the entire pregnancy. Wife has now been in bed for two days. The flu shot given to her Monday triggered a full blown cold with a non-stop hammering headache. Today it culminated to Tylenol being her candy. Various bouts of hubby prepping chicken soup, quesadillas, fruit, cheesecake with Cheetos (refer to pregnancy cravings if you don't get this combo) and even her new favorite: Naked Juices. (It's a beverage brand not a new age pregnancy therapy practice).

  • almost 3 inches long
  • he continues moving, squirming and opening and closing his hands
  • he is still a bobble-head as his noggin makes up 30% of his entire body
  • his poop n pee factory is up and running (totally gross but he is peeing into his amniotic sac and inhaling it through his mouth and nose, totally normal and safe since it's sterile but still gross!)

So needless to say. Low key day. I too ended up with a headache today (couvade symptom - hence title for blog, true story).

The neat thing of being connected with friends and family through facebook and the fact that so many come from various walks of life, advice is plentiful. A doctor friend is giving wife advice on the headaches, other friends giving her other tips. But ultimately they all blame me. "Take care of her" or "pamper her" or "feed her" to "massage her" all make me out to be a fat slob on the couch demanding refills of nachos and beer. Geez! Some credit please. Besides, wife right now is in the stage where she can live off of Costco Pizza, Cheetos, and Cheesecake. In that order.

I have been playing nurse. To wife and to little Cowboy who is still in recovery mode. Those 30 degree outings to take him potty all night have NOT been pleasant. But he is recovering nicely after having lost his manhood. Poor baby.

As for the Pregnant Husband - tending to the wife's needs has been a great respite to the pain in my heart for having lost a dear friend and colleague - Sue Mullins. Today was her final goodbye in what by all accounts was a beautiful memorial and tribute to her by her family.

Sometimes memories sneak out of our eyes and roll down our cheeks. 

But I'm comforted in knowing that it's always morning on the other side. Full of joy and light. Godspeed Sue. Please give strength to your family and shine upon them hope for a brighter tomorrow through this difficult time of saying goodbye for now. I know you are checking Facebook in heaven, go ahead and like the status from the Susie star up high in your beloved Big Country Montana Sky. Oh the rapture of that meeting, the joy to see you again Susie Q. 

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