Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11w6d: Sucking Away & The Fundus Factor

Wife felt pregnant two days in a row. It comes and goes.

Her pregnancy hormones are in overdrive. They are also the ones causing her headaches. This chart shows just how much they take over a woman's body and regulate everything from body functions to emotional wreck, ahhemmmm, I meant state of mind.

She continues to "not feel" pregnant. It doesn't help that she is not showing yet. So there is no real physical or visual evidence to assure her or us of the fact.

Baby G is growing at warp speed and has reached some pretty awesome milestones. The BIG ONE is tomorrow but we will talk about what the baby has been up to through today:

* now opening and closing mouth
* he can now swallow
* able to suck his thumb
* is opening and closing his fists
* his placenta is now fully functioning providing oxygen and nutrients directly to baby
* the uterus is now rising above the pubic bone. The fundus (the top of the uterus) can be felt
* if he is a boy, the testicles are starting to develop the testosterone hormone
* the taste buds are starting to develop

Mommy is doing fine. Still very surprised that the typical morning sickness has not ailed her day to day changes. Most usually come at night.

As we turn a page tomorrow, these typical symptoms should be giving her a break. Hopefully with the new page comes a renewed love for cooking as that gene quickly left the building upon confirmation of pregnancy.

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