Sunday, November 17, 2013

11w3d: Circle of Life - Death Cannot Kill What Never Dies

Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity. 
Mother Teresa

We have 200 more days to go in this journey. 

But today our evening ended with a very sad reminder of how fragile life really is. A dearly loved and respected colleague has taken her own journey today to the Lord. The calls started coming in along with the gentle tributes on Facebook. At one point, I sent her an email asking her why "things were quiet" in reaction to a post of a mutual friend who changed his profile picture to hers with the quote "Things Just Got A Lot Quieter." Little by little I pieced together the reality that she had unexpectedly left us due to a heart attack. 

There are no words to express the feeling of loss. It's that empty feeling that reminds us of our own mortality. I have been down that path having had my share of loss in life. From my brother, grandparents, to my father. But regardless of the frequency, the experience is never filled with a reassurance that it will be easier the next time around. It is not. 

Tonight, my heart goes out to her son who is in college, and her husband who is griefing the loss of his dearly beloved. Along with her family and friends that are left to find refuge in the legacy of her love and endearing personality.

Tonight, we toast to her journey home to God, as our cups runneth over with her favorite red wine, overflowing just like her zest for life and bubbly and cheerful personality.

Godspeed dearest SPM!  

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