Friday, November 15, 2013

11w1d: Final Week of First Trimester!

Such an exciting week. Seven more days and we are done with the first trimester!

The strange thing is that wife doesn't feel all that pregnant. I think she wants the baby to be kicking and screaming. While the bump isn't quite there yet, I can totally tell that her body is transforming for motherhood. It's quite an awesome right of passage happening right before our eyes.

Today also marks the time that the baby's weight can start to be charted (tracked). The estimated weight right now stands at the 5 grams mark.

Today also marks the beginning of her uterus moving out of her pelvic bone. Which is the beginning of showing a visible bump.

Mommy to be's body temperature will start increasing as her metabolism will increase by 20 percent in order to continue meeting the demands of blood supply from the uterus.

Her emotions continue to be fragile and right "on schedule" as expected. She had another teary moment during her school's pep rally today. This has definitely been a newfound vulnerability for the wife.

The baby is still funny looking as his head is as big as the rest of his whole body.

Looking ahead, in the next nine weeks, the baby will grow 30 times in weight and triple in length. For now, we continue rubbing the tummy and letting him know we are here rooting him on for we are anxiously awaiting the day we will be holding him tight in our arms.

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