Thursday, November 14, 2013

11w0d: The Baby is a Lime to some, a Brussel Sprout, Plum and a Fig to Others!

Another milestone. 11 weeks pregnant y'all!!!

And 29 more weeks to go...

Or 203 more days to go.....

But who is counting?

The blessings of this little one continues. Courtesy of wikipedia, we can see how the baby actually looks today.

Today marks a whirlwind day of travel. I hit a new record on Foursquare. I have been on a plane daily for the past 5 days in 5 different states. While it has been busy, it has been nice keeping in touch with play by play updates on our pregnancy. 

The planning for my family's arrival continues. I was thinking today how I was looking forward to seeing the reaction in their faces when we share with them what has been going on in our life over these last couple months. 

The little one is now an inch and a half long to a full two inches long and weighs about five grams. Some of the baby's bones are beginning to harden. The baby is moving a lot now but mom won't be able to feel him for another month or two. He is also has the occasional hiccups since his diaphragm is fully functioning.   

The coolest thing is that he is now learning to open and close his fists. Totally cool!

The pregnant wife is doing funky. She seems to be just fine during the day and all pregnancy symptoms kick in at dusk. Hmmmmm.....maybe she has been watching too much True Blood. Wait, she strongly dislikes that awesome show. But her evening sickness should start giving her relief as this week those symptoms should be subsiding. She continues to eat like a bird. But by all accounts, they say that her appetite is about to be given back to her in the next week or so. (oh no, she's about to be back) No disrespect, but mom to be can eat. Yes, more than me. She definitely has great jeans that have not allowed her voracious appetite to take over her body. She is beautiful and hot!

While she hasn't bragged about her maternity pants lately, she rocks 'em with much pride. She did express today something I had not heard yet, "I'm anxious to start showing." A sneak peak into our mindset that this is slowly settling in and becoming more real to us. 

Life is Magic, the Way Nature Works
Seems to be quite Magical

- jonas salk

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