Monday, November 11, 2013

10w4d: The Lifeline of Appreciation

The baby's lifeline today is all about his umbilical cord. The cord itself is becoming coiled which is attributed to the baby's constant movement. His neck and his head can now be clearly seen separate from his body taking on a more human-like form.

Since his diaphragm is completely formed and functioning, he is beginning to learn breathing movements. His breathing movements are allowing him to take in amniotic fluid in breathing motions through his nostrils now.

Let's take a peak:

Since his skin is still transparent, one can see his inner structures even in his hands:

The miracle of life being mapped out before our very eyes. Pretty neat. 
The source for the above content was courtesy of FamilyEducation. 

The wife had a pretty active day today. She picked me up from the airport tonight. I think I will have to stop doing that as she was exhausted. Given my heavy travel schedule, we often divide and conquer. But it's visible becoming physically exhausting. 

The absolute coolest thing that happened today was the fact that the coolest wife on the planet was recognized as an exemplary teacher at her high school. A very special recognition filled with pomp and circumstance with students going up to her and presenting her with the school's wreath. 

Given that she is in a thankless profession. It is always nice to be appreciated. But the icing on the cake was a note that a student gave her today. I am sure that little tokens of appreciation is what makes what she does completely worthy it. You never know whom you have an impact on. This is a copy of the note one of the wife's students gave her as she was leaving school today:

This makes me so proud of the noble profession my wife has dedicated her life to. Teaching high schoolers I have come to experience is no easy task. It is more of a vocation. I came to that assessment because while it is such an important role, it is one of the most disrespected and under appreciated. 

I cannot say I would ever be able to do what she does. I do not have the patience and I would probably end up being fired for my school of hard knocks approach to instruction. 

I'm glad to report the lower back pain is gone, and no spotting ever occurred from yesterday's events. 

For now, the waiting game continues as our little one grows into the first safety zone finish line!

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