Sunday, November 10, 2013

10w3d: Morning Sickness At All Time High

All plans for Sunday Funday were postponed.

This is the day that has been the worse with morning sickness which was pretty much on full mode all day. I was actually a bit scared because the wife was having really bad lower back pain.

That coupled with her constant expressions of wanting to "roll up like a rolly poley," is what she usually associates with her monthly cycle. And for us, right now, that is NOT the symptom we want at all. Yes, that is the #1 sign of a miscarriage. So I was on pins and needles all day. Which I think resulted in my hibernation mode with the wife to nap most of the day and hope it was just the passing through of a bad morning sickness symptom which is totally normal in any pregnancy in the first trimester.

Hoping and praying her napping would wish away that rolly poley feeling and lower back pain.

She recovered in time in the late evening for us to go and stock her up with fresh fruits - yes no fresh vegetables as she still refuses to take them.

Soonafter late in the evening she dropped me off at the airport for my week's kickoff of a full week of business travel.

Her queasiness all day put her under, so we were pretty unproductive. I did make a killer omolette with spinach and incredibly fresh eggs. Trying to get wife to eat natural whole foods. So these eggs were cage-free, organic, grass fed. The yolk was bright shiny deep yellow. And their taste was incredible. The taste took me back to the days when I lived with grandma in their ranch in my childhood. Now that food was whole, fresh, and as organic as it got. So I may now longer be buying bulk eggs. These dozen eggs at $7 may very well be my new normal. But I still have not recovered from their sticker shock.

There was no Vitamix concoction today as she still refuses to finish what I made yesterday. Sad.

A part of the wife's nesting has been her binge TV marathons of the Kardashians....point number one, wife DOES NOT watch TV. Point #2 She loves the Kardashians, Especially Khloe. So her resting has been a lethal combination...

We are gearing to looking to our near future and preparing the announcement of our pregnancy. Several ideas are floating around but we have not really settled on that one that we are both comfortable with. The perfect setting is Thanksgiving so that is gonna help us make it extra special.

The other planning we are starting to get ready for is the arrival of my family for New Year's. Lotsa logistics and preparation to ensure their visit is a memorable one. But I still chuckle at how cool this visit will be as they at this time have no clue what is in store with our pregnancy.

We've had the victims of the terrible typhoon on our minds. Reports indicate that over 10,000 people may have lost their lives in the Philiphines. Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with. It's unimaginable the horrible loss and pain this has caused families and loved ones.

Cool milestone today as this blog clocked in its 1,000th reader. Thanks for following my rants during this incredible time of our lives.

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