Saturday, November 9, 2013

10w2d: Happiness Is Only Real When It Is Shared

When you want something bad enough, you have to go and grab it. It won't be brought to your front door step.

The baby begins to squint, open it's mouth, and make small movements with his toes and fingers.

We had our traditional breakfast at Breadwinners today as we continue writing our story. I really enjoy our conversations. Except for the moments when the wife gets feisty on me. And that has happened much too frequently lately. But I'm giving her a hall pass given her chemical imbalance. Sounds rude but it's true. Pregnancy wreaks havoc on the woman's emotional stability. The raging hormones are speeding faster than Cowboy to a bully stick. I digress, but did you know that bully sticks which our dogs love (at least for ours they are) are actually bull penises. Yeap they are. Love how they soften the blow by selling them as bully sticks. Ja...

Did a little window shopping in anticipation of this peanut and gotta admit, overwhelming. First of all, there are sooooo many things it's out of control. We are looking at baby carriages and you might as well buy a new car.

We did buy a thingy to listen to the kid's heart. Pretty out of this world. One of the most surreal things which I can't put into words. The audible evidence of life inside my wife. Wow.

Saw a powerful movie written and directed by Sean Penn, Into the Wild. Highly recommend. It's only  five pees. Sarcastic for it was longgggg! Nowadays I measure movies by how many times I have to command "Xbox Pause" and it was five times.

The story is a nonfiction account of a 23 year old kid who decides to leave his life and world behind to find happiness alone in the wilderness. We live through his journey about his discovery of the untruths life has dealt him. Definite resentment to his parents until he meets an old man who teaches him that to forgive is also a form of love. I won't spoil the ending but it's a powerful story that applies to any one of us in our own life journey.

Last night I got confirmation that my entire immediate family is coming for New Year's. This will be the first family reunion at our home and as a family since our matriarch went to heaven. My beloved grandmother. We are thrilled and so excited for this wonderful surprise. Boy, are they in for a surprise of their own when they find out about us!

Grandma must be smiling from up above as it was her wish that the family continue having these get togethers and entrusted me with the task of being the ringleader. More on this on another chapter later.

For now, I continue to reflect on our current day to day blessing.

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