Thursday, October 24, 2013

You Don't Understand, I Need Cheetos Now! 2 Months Pregnant Today!


So I have been gone all week on a business trip and come home tonight to a groggy, sinus-stuffed wife who has clearly not been having restful nights all week.

My greeting was, "you don't understand, I need Cheetos!" Yes. those words exactly. Worse yet, on a grilled cheese sandwich. Really? Glad men can't get pregnant. Who knows what my cravings would be. So needless to say, I had to reiterate that only whole foods can be a part of her diet. Cheetos has too many additives and preservatives harmful to growing babies in her belly. But gotta say that the wife has once again shocked me by admitting she doesn't like food anymore (and let me tell you, we can eat!) - so it is a bit of a shock to hear this coming from her. It mainly stems from her love of spices and sauces and such that give added flavor to food. Everything she has been eating is bland and tasteless to her. Hot sauce is off limits so this has narrowed her affinity for our grubbin' rituals.

Did I say we are celebrating TWO MONTHS OF PREGNANCY! Yehhhh!!!! Inching to those 12 weeks to be further in the clear of any potential mishaps.

I am comforted by our pregnancy being considered a double high risk (age and twins). Simply because it translates to many more doctor visits that are keeping a watching eye on the health of the wife and the growth and development of the twins. Eight more days to the next hurdle. On Nov. 1 we had the next ultrasound to see how they are doing. Hoping Baby B has done some serious growing and hearth thumping. This is his time this week. Gotta Gotta Gotta make it.

So at this stage, the babies are the size of raspberries. I find it odd and strange that each stage is defined by a fruit. The same awkwardness I've always thought how parents still count their kid's age in months well beyond their first year. Puzzling. But like I said before, this comes with a culture change all with its own acronyms, language, and nuances.

So I mentioned yesterday that the pets are finally being given some discipline at home by 2 of the 3 sleeping in their kennel overnight. The new news is that the secret in the house seems to be out. In an intuitive kinda way. A seventh sense. Our maltese Siete has started gently laying on wife's belly and doing a whole lotta sniffing in her belly button. Yes, showers are allowed during this stage of the pregnancy, so it's not that. But her "gut" is telling her that Siete knows what is going on. It is strange behavior and he has never done those two things. Interesting. Another insight into the fascinating live of dogs. Yes, we love dogs.

While the wife has been feeling under the weather with nausea type symptoms like feeling something in her throat that shouldn't be there. This all happens when she gets home. At work she doesnt not feel pregnant at all. It all starts when she gets home. She tries napping but naps are hard for her as she wants to clean here and there.

My latest irritable complaint is that she cant seem to find the right temperature at night. So the tossing and turning is interrupted with repeated trips to the thermostat. As a result, I may end up with bronchitis and it's worse than the Artic at times and worse than Death Valley at others all in a night's sleep.

She already has ultra super sonic senses to begin with and the hormones have augmented that to epic proportions. She was able to tell I had tacos for dinner at the airport. All despite the fact that unlike her, the sinuses are clogged which never happens.

I know, I know. at times I have TMI in my story-telling (too much information) - but it's a necessary element and accessory of this journey. It's not meant to gross out or create cringes. It's a part of the narrative. So that is my disclaimer!

My intense research continues as well as my frequent collaborative sessions with Dr. Google. We would make quite a medical practice in this field!

So as of today, the babies are officially in the biggest growth spurt of their lives. They are growing a millimeter per day. The miracle of life continues to unfold itself as the babies are now moving their legs, arms, fingers and toes even though they are still fused together. It is no surprise she now finds herself with shortness of breaths.

The following illustration courtesy of The Bump shows how they look right now at two months.

Yes, we are still mesmerized and in awe that this is happening. And that we are writing this story. Thank you for walking this journey with us - but please, leave your Cheetos at home for now.

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