Monday, October 21, 2013

The Retroverted "tilted" Uterus


So today wife had another visit to the Doc. I'm somewhat grateful and relieved that our medical care is superb. It is very reassuring she is in the best hands during this journey.

At this stage, the babies should ideally have 160 bpm (heartbeats) and measure 12 to 13 ctr (crown to rump). Of course, everyone is different but these are the textbook guidelines we use as a barometer.

Her numbers today came in normal so one more victory, one more day. Have I mentioned I feel we have entered the twilight zone? Where all time has slowed by 80 percent?

Estrogen: 1182
Progesterone: 57.2

But gotta keep cheering for TTB! Team Twin B. Hopefully that little gal is growing growing growing and catching up to its brother Twin A. We need her to come through!

The wife had a fairly blah day today. Or as she calls it, "meh." She had another headache and still reluctantly thwarting my constant nags to drink her 100 ounce quota of water intake and eating for three! Especially salmon salmon salmon. During this week it is critical to eat quality low mercury fish as it's brain good and the brain is developing at crazy speed.

I'd like to thank my counselor and mentor Dr Google for his support throughout this journey. He has been invaluable in building my knowledge and giving me piece of mind and at times just freaking me out. While Twin B is in danger according to the Doc. I choose to be positive and listen to Dr Google instead. Far too many positive outcomes and stories on Twin B comebacks that I choose to subscribe to.

Hope is the bird that sings!

Speaking of Dr Google, I dedicated some time to one of the discoveries in the myriad of tests they have done on the wife given her crazy visits to the Doc since the discovery of our blessing.

Enter a tipping uterus. Or the clinical term Retroverted Uterus. Yep, she is the lucky recipient of one. While it happens to only 20 percent of women worldwide. They are typically born with it and is not linked to affecting a pregnancy.

This means that the uterus is simply tilted backwards pointing towards the rectum and looking up at the spine instead of tilting forward to the belly.

While this is rare, it's considered completely normal. However, women can experience the following symptoms:

* lower back pain
* increased urinary track infections
* pain during entry or sex
* pain with tampons
* fertility difficulties
* incontinence

Thanks Dr Google! Glad you are part of our team.

And and as team recruitment effort increases, we continue thanking our recruited prayer warriors, our creator, St Jude, our angels up above who are rooting for us and now St Gerard Majella, patron saint of Moms.

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