Friday, October 25, 2013

8w1d: Raspberry Gender Games & Albondigas! Womb Service Please.

So today was all about the myths and tales of what gender the tikes will be based on wife symptoms. Lotsa discussion on two key drivers.

#1: morning sickness or lack thereof
#2: the heartbeat rate of the baby

Based on both. Looks like Baby A would be a girl and Baby B would be a boy. However, the wife is NOT having morning sickness which would dictate that they would be two boys.

It's interesting to get to know all of these theories. While there is no real scientific proof. Many studies have been conducted that validate these theories. In any case. Irrelevant to us. It's whatever our creator wants to entrust us with is what we will accept. But if I were king for a day, I'd love a boy. And of course, my polar opposite wife would love a girl.

See, she wants to live vicariously through a girl. She would be in gymnastics and get her to do all those things she would have loved to have done. I just simply think boys are much lower maintenance than girls. And it would save my sanity during their teenage years.

On the nutrition front, we are doing our best to eat as healthy as possible. I did some grocery shopping today to try and change things up a bit and increase the flavor profile. Enter some lean turkey and spinach which I made into a delicious Albondiga soup. It was pretty awesome!

TIMELINE: A quick calendar check. There are 223 more days to go for the scheduled June 5, 2014 delivery date. There are still 5 more weeks to finish the first trimester. The finish line is in the distance. But we are grounded on finishing strong with these two raspberry-sized rascals.

THE BABY: The development continues at warp speed.
* The eyelids now cover their entire eyes.
* I've already mentioned that they are growing about a millimeter a day. So during week six, they are expected to be 3mm. Today, the should be 17 mm in length from crown to rump.
*Their ideal heartbeat should range from 92 to 180.
* The average heartbeat is 150 beats per minute right now, twice as fast as Mom's heart. crazy!

THE WIFE: Her pregnancy hormones have her blood on overdrive. Her volume of blood is what is starting to give her what many call the "glow of pregnancy." While her gums are softer now than normal because of all the physiological changes that are happening to her body as it prepares to carry our two little angels.

THE HUBBY: Got in trouble because another all-things-pregnancy book collection arrived from Amazon today during time wife got home from school to see them being delivered.

So the fact that wife is not having any morning sickness and is rather having afternoon sickness could well be a sign that boys are in the making. All studies I have read indicate this statistical correlation. Fascinating.

Our curiosity is at an all-time high. We want to make sure Baby B is fighting the good fight. I don't think we will be able to wait until our next meet and greet November 1. We ended the evening exploring private ultrasound centers to go and pay the little ones a visit. Ironically, or in another Oprah no-such-thing-as-a-coincidence turn, I picked up the mail and a post card to the same center I had just finishing showing the wife on YouTube in terms of how you can go, and have an "ultrasound experience" to bring family along in the journey. They even record the heartbeat of the babies and place them in a teddy bear so you can squeeze the bear and you hear that exact heartbeat. I little crazy. I don't think we are that crazy.....yet. All we want is peace of mind that the babies are enjoying their digs. We'll see if we can be seen tomorrow.

I may be a weak husband because I succumbed to wife's pleas for Cheetos. I was able to find Cheetos Puffs - baked, with no artificial ingredients, and with "real" cheese as real can be in Cheetos. So not the real thing but as close to the taste as could be. She grabbed that bag faster than running to the car from the last bell ring on a friday's last period class. She loved her Cheetos.

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