Sunday, October 27, 2013

8w3d: Kris Jenner Gives Wife Marital Advice!

These days are really dragging on for eternity. Wish we could wake up 20 weeks from today. Some new symptoms have reared today:

* lotsa extra saliva
* head hair growth
* Oprah obsession

I can't speak for the first two. But I am a categorical witness for the third. I too am developing nauseous symptoms as a pregnant husband for the overloading of skewing the OWN Network ratings to stratospheric levels. That is ALL the wife wants to watch. And as the good and obliging preggers hubby that I am, I entertain her cravings - well only the healthy ones!

I do have to say that one of them was pretty good. It was a documentary of Shane and Tom Bridegroom. Two gay lovers whom lived a beautiful love story for six years. In 2011 Tom had a tragic accidental death. Tom's parents never accepted the fact that he was gay. His mom in order to be close to him faked her acceptance of his relationship with Shane. Soon after his death, she went to LA, claimed his body, took him back to Indiana. And did not allow Shane or his family to attend the funeral. So tragic in so many ways. Sadly Tom's parents never understood the meaning of love. Two people had found it and instead of celebrating it, they were egotistical and cowardly in not having accepted the fact that he had found love, nor who he truly was. Heart-breaking. Love is Love. Tap tap tap.

To this day, I am still very happy the wife was able fulfill her wish of meeting Oprah live this year. That was an awesome bucket list item.

Kris Jenner- yes, the Kardashian's Mom, was nice enough to offer Alicia some pretty awesome marital advice today. I really didn't know how to react to that. Especially given the fact that Kris is no longer with Bruce. But I do love the 8 shower heads in the shower. Therapeutic no doubt.

Got some love today for Twin Baby B pulling through. I was really set on going to that private practice to get an ultrasound on the kids. BUT ---  did I mention that wife is very impressionable on whatever she watches?

Yesterday we saw Ricki Lake's documentary on The Business of Being Born. It was a revelation on how insurances and hospitals are ruled by profits over the health of mothers and babies. The documentary champions a natural, drug-free, at-home birthing experience with a mid-wife. I respect their work; but would totally freak out if something went wrong and the only solution the mid-wife would have was to call 911. Nope, drugs are sometimes good. In this case, I am all for it. Bring 'em on!

So as part of the documentary, they talked about how bad ultrasounds are for the developing babies. They are sending sound waves to the growing babies and questioned the effect of that tool on the them. To date, there is no research that indicates it is harmful. Needless to say, the extra session I wanted to book was quickly scratched. Yes, the mother-to-be is quite impressionable (have to figure out how to start posting Green Egg infomercials on her iphone asap) Come on November 1!

While we have done acupuncture in the past, today her Mom recommended Reiki. It is a Japanese form of healing which means God's wisdom and life force energy. Reiki is a spiritual practice developed by Buddhist Mikao Usui in 1922. It is basically a way to channel positive energy. I think Team Twin A and B can benefit from an additional dose of positive energy to complement the good karma coming from our recruited Prayer Warriors - you know who you are. Reiki uses the palms as a healing transfer of positive universal energy. Yes, it's a form of prayer.

My wife has begun talking to the kids today.

My prayer for today: Thank you God.

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