Thursday, October 31, 2013

9w0d: Nine Weeks Pregnant WIth Dichorionic-Diamniotic (DiDi) Twins

DiDi what?

My first reaction was, that is a good thing right!

Normally, twins have two separate (di- being a numerical prefix for two) chorions and amniotic sacs, termed Dichorionic-Diamniotic or "DiDi". It occurs in almost all cases of dizygotic twins (except in very rare cases of fusion between their blastocysts) and in 18–36% (or around 25%) of monozygotic (identical) twins. 

Thanks to Dr. Wiki for the intel. DiDi twins means they are fraternal twins with their own placenta and their own amniotic sacs (those black circles in the photos). 

Happy Nine Weeks!!! Is the daily ritual text I shoot my wife as we both set on the daily morning routine of earning our daily bread. Three more weeks to reach the coveted 12 week hurdle of being a step closer to the objective and further out from the red zone.

Today our little Embryo has officially graduated to Fetus status!!! And is no longer a raspberry but a grape (or a green olive). I still find it so odd that this industry refers to their development by fruits or drink garnish edibles. 

At nine weeks, the critters should now be almost an inch long (even though 12mm to .5 inch is acceptable at 8w1d) and weigh almost two grams. The following key developments are happening with them right now:

* the tail is officially completely gone (Yes, babies start life with an actual tail)
* external ears keep developing
* optic nerves and eye lids continue growth
* both arms and legs are moving now
* all basic physical structures are in place
* facial features are now very distinct & actually now looking like a real baby
* today we can even start listening to their heartbeats on a home doppler          (heart beat machine thingy)

Today, outside of sharing technical information, I'd like to share the second set of photos ever taken of the kids. 
The pics below were taken on 10/18/13 or at 7w1d (day 50 of our pregnancy).

Let's start with the dual shoot first to put them in perspective:

As you can see in the photo above, the home of Baby B is still much smaller than Baby A. Hopefully in these last 15 days, Team Twin Baby B has worked it's magic to get her to catch up to Twin A. 

Here is Twin A:

Twin A is much more along and growing on target at a gestational age of 7 weeks and heart rate of 140 beats per minute. His CRL measurement clocked in at 9.9mm (head to toe length). This one will be the tall one and extroverted in the family for sure. 

Here is Twin B (outlined below):

Twin B is smaller and about a week behind in growth at 6w1d and with a heart rate of 103 beats per minute. Her CRL measurement is 4.2mm - 5mm smaller than Twin A. The gestational sac is measuring only 5w3d (12 days behind schedule). Twin B here has all the makings of a smart, introverted when-she-wants- to-be but highly social yet charismatic girl who will blossom and grow into her own. A late bloomer like her Mama. Come on Baby B, grow, grow, grow!

The two munchkins looks great and hopefully between the pizza tasting and occasional nutrient-enriched yet wife-hated Vitamix concoctions, they will spurt in growth right along where they should for a healthy continued development. 

I do have to say that those pregnancy hormones must really be getting through the tough bridal layers of emotional duress. The most hilarious story to date happened today. One of her duties as a high school educator is to be "at her post" afterschool as the kids board their buses to be taken home. Performing her duty today, she burst into tears halfway through the 40 buses or so leaving the campus. As I put on my therapist and counselor hat on (as a pregnant hubby, one must learn to wear many many hats), I proceeded with the therapy. She was standing there doing her thing when she burst into tears. Like nonstop elephant-sized tears at the thought and epiphany that all those kids on the bus were someone's children and they were going home to them. And how those parents entrusted them to take care of them and educate them to be good contributing citizens of the world. 

I mean, I'm not worried the wife has gone mental on me or anything like that as she was self-aware of how awkward and strange that behavior was. I mean, not that she is anything like this basket case (click here for visual of how I envisioned wife in front of buses). Thank the heavens for that. I deal with enough of that already with our crazy three dogs. But it was kinda funny to listen and laugh -- ahem, I mean empathize -- with her outwardly display of pregnancy hormonal rage. Luckily she wasn't spotted as she quickly wiped all evidence away...repeatedly (remember, there were 40 buses to reminisce about during her bout).

Today's revelation is that bride felt a visual bump already. Yeap, I attest and hold witness. Wow! Maybe her headache from yesterday was the manifestation that a visual representation was in the works for today's official nine week debut. Cool!

As she proceeded to nest and call it a night, she gave me the first-ever complement of the last 63 days which needs to be documented: "Thanks for keeping the house clean." Kiss Kiss and Goodnight. 

Like I never pick up around the house or help out at all. I excused it to the hormonal imbalance "situation" (think yellow buses) of the day's events. 

Congrats DiDi Twins. Keep the growing coming.


Well, speaking of Boo, in the Mexican culture, we celebrate life on Day of the Dead. We celebrate life as we do death. So in the spirit of keeping tradition alive, these are my two "calacas" which symbolize so many things about this celebration. 

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