Thursday, July 2, 2020

Valentina Eats Real Food!!!

Well baby girl. Another milestone for your development today!

Victoria gave you your first bite of real food. And it was no other than avocado! Of course one of your mom and dads favorite!!!!

You didn’t think twice when Victoria places the spoon in your mouth: in fact, you wanted more and more. You kinda made a funky “what is this” face but quickly for over it and loved it!

You also took a super long nap with me in the evening and you made the night pure hell for mom. You had no idea Teresa in going to bed since you were rested, fed, and ready to party!

Congrats Mija! But not so much for me as I believe your diapers are really going to stink now that you’re going to start eating real food and not just mom’s milk as you have till now. Lord.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Big Sister News Anniversary

Victoria, yeap! A year ago today on June 30th, we told you after the Toy Story 4 premiere that you would be a Big Sister right at the theater.

And your life hasn’t been the same since. You love Valentina and love to hold her and kiss her and play with her. Even though you shake the hell out of her, she laughs and giggles and to this day thinks you’re the funniest human on the planet.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Your Shadow

Valentina, you’d be happy to know yesterday you discovered your shadow and it kept you quite entertained for a long time. It was great!

Now if I can get you to discover it daily, that would be awesome!

We’ve been spending lotsa one on one time and still love your crazy drooling and giggles. You take everything in around you with so much detail and mesmerizing awe.

I’ve introduced you to raspberry kisses and you can’t get enough of them.

Gotta day we miss V. She ditched us today for a sleep over with Ella. So of course she didn’t look back nor misses us. But I do. Miss having her around.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

All Because Two People Fell in Love

Well girls, we woke to a special day. This song played in my head all day.

It’s a country song that speaks to how all of these generations get together at a BBQ because two people fell in love.

Your Grandma had  a talk with your Mom about getting her five grandkids together for a family portrait.

We found it odd as she’s never been a photo person. As your Mom probed, she confirmed her rationale. Her health has been deteriorating significantly these last couple months. Her mind is not as sharp as she used to be and her mobility has come to a screeching hault.

Your Mom mobilized the troops and got everything together to fulfill her wish. She shared how happy today made her and how it has been the happiest day in her life since Panky left her. She absolutely loves her five grandkids.

Your Grandma loves you two so much that it comes through her pours. I hope that one day when you read this, you’ll still have fond memories of how special this lady was in the beginning of your lives.

Shoutout to the Cappelli Photography Studio for making her wish come true.

By Brad Paisley Two People Fell In Love

A baby's born in the middle of the night in a local delivery room
They grab his feet, smack him 'til he cries he goes home the next afternoon
'Fore you know it he's off to school and then he graduates in May
Goes out and gets a PHD and then cures all sorts of things
Wins a Nobel prize and saves a million different lives
The world's a better place for all he's done 
It's funny when you think about the reason he's alive 
Is all because two people fell in love
Right now at a picnic shelter down by Caney creek
You'll find potato salad, hot dogs and baked beans
The whole Wilson family's lined up fillin' their paper plates
They've drove or flown in here from fifteen different states
Well Stanley Wilson says that sixty years ago he knew
That Miss Emma Tucker was the one
Now five generations get together every June
All because two people fell in love
There ain't nothin' not affected
When two hearts get connected
All that is, will be, or ever was
Every single choice we make
Every breath we get to take
Is all because two people feel in love
Well, I recall a young man who was driftin' aimlessly
And a young waitress who seemed lonesome as could be
But in a little café right off of Fourteenth Avenue
With a whole lotta help from up above 
We met and things sure turned around for me and you 
And all because two people fell in love
Baby, there ain't nothin' not affected
When two hearts get connected
All that is, will be, or ever was
I'm glad your dad could not resist
Your mama's charms and you exist
All because two people fell in love
You know, to me it's all so clear
Every one of us is here
All because two people fell in love
A baby's born in the middle of the night in a local delivery room
They grab his feet, smack him 'til he cries he goes home the next afternoon

Friday, June 26, 2020

iPad Bliss

Well Victoria, today you were the happiest you have been since your Bday.

I gave you your new iPad Pro 11. Against my better judgment in advise to get you the air or the other cheaper versions, I gave you the best. Why? Your love for YouTube videos and TikTok merited the mega amazing camera lenses that come only with the pro.

The purple case was a bit of a disappointment as you wanted it in pink. Your favorite color. You joyfully reaquainted yourself with that fine piece of technology.

You don’t know this now but I deactivated your sneaky ability to download apps without permission. But your love of Roblox continues and was quite happy playing with Diego tonight.

Your affection to Valentina continues to validate that you are going to be an amazing Big Sister. She loves interacting with you.

Luna is actually ready to eat people food. Today she acted like a bird and literally was shoving her mouth open with tongue out into my mouth as I chewed dinner.

Life of Dad. Never a dull moment and where I was meant to be.


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Back to Gymnastics

Well Victoria, after being in this when you were 3, you’ve asked to go back.

Today was your triumphant return three years later. Albeit in a Covid environment where your parents have to wear masks to practice as do your coaches, but that’ll have to do.

You thoroughly enjoyed and and happy to be back!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Victoria, Your Second iPad

Well lady! We struggle with technology and a balance outside of it. This pandemic has deemed this tool a necessity though.

Which is why we were all sad when your iPad suddenly died on you one morning while playing Roblox, your current favorite online obsession.

Because of the pandemic it took me practically a month to get an appt at the Apple store. Today was the day and to my misfortune, it’s dead. Apparently the circuit is shorted and there is no return.

When I wanted to buy you a new one I couldn’t. All out of stock. Ended up buying you one online at at Costco, the only store that had it.

In two days you’ll be the owner of the brand new IPad Pro 11! I think a reason the old one died was because of your obsession with charging it at all times. Well need to be more careful as these are not cheap! So happy birthday and graduation and Merry Christmas!!!

Luna was out of her schedule as she didn’t sleep till 11pm. Must be a growth spurt or fault of the massive blowout of the morning!

Oh yeah, and CA on Monday reported single largest increase of Covid cases at 6K! Insane.

My uncle Hijinio from Wichita also died today around 2pm. He had a fall Thursday and was in a coma. His family decided to turn off life support and not let him suffer any longer. Godspeed to him.