Sunday, January 26, 2020

Kobe & Daughter Gianna Die in Crash

Nine people died today in a helicopter crash in Calabasas. It was Kobe Bryant’s helicopter alone with his 13-year old daughter Gigi.

What a tremendous tragedy and loss.

It was the news we woke to and spent the entire day moping around in shock. It brings it home because he was only 41. He left his wife and 3 other daughters behind. The youngest only 6 months old.

He was more than a basketball star. I worked with him on a commercial many years back. Our careers were paralleled. I started at McDonald’s in 1996 when he started his legendary career with the Lakers.

No words but a reminder of how fragile life is and of keeping those you love close and ignore the bullshit and static that many times gets in the way of being and having a relationship with those you love.

I mostly share the loss not as a fan but as a father. I shared a lot of the beliefs he held being a Dad of girls.

“Being a father is the thing I am most proud of in this world; it’s my greatest accomplishment. I’ve learned so much, but perhaps the most profound thing has been the fierce, unconditional love you have for your children when you become a parent. I’m blessed to have had that experience four times now and there’s nothing more powerful in this world.”

Hug your loved ones a littler tighter tonight.

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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Dad’s Bday in Heaven

Dad would have turned 88 today.

We celebrated in his honor with Menudo (his favorite) and Pozole (his second favorite).
Emotional day as he wasn’t around to meet and see Valentina grow up.

Mom came over this morning and we hung out.

It’s often said that while you miss loved ones when they die. You never get over that loss, you just learn to cope with that void over time.

Time helps heal, but the hurt will always run deep. And such is life.

Dad would be bragging to anyone who would listen how her granddaughter was “blue blood” and how much of his family name she had. The blue eyes and blonde hair has always been characteristic of the Gallegos. A major point of pride for dad. His heritage was very important to him.

Baby Luna continues not getting it. Cries at all hours regardless of being fully fed, swaddled. Or diapered.

I’m wondering who was worse in this Dept. I think Baby Luna is heating Victoria now. But wife disagrees, V was tough too and quite a crier. In fact, she still is.

In what I see as an attention move, V decided it would be nice to use a dark marker and completely deface her kitchen. She knew it was wrong but did it anyway. What she didn’t do as a toddler she is doing now. I strongly believe it’s a tactic based on the fact that she’s feeling the lack of undivided attention she was used to her whole life.

It will be a long road ahead for her in learning to truly share now. My poor baby has no idea what hit her January 9th.

Regardless, my girls are awesome!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Stork and Friends On Lawn

So we’re now using BabyConnect as a cool app to track the baby feedings and diapers and everything else in between.

A newborn should be fed every 2 hours. And well it’s a great way for us to track all that. Wife will know what I’ve down overnight and vice versa with Mommy.

V was officially out all week from school with a fever but feeling better now.

We were surprised with a service that propped a moon and stork and teddy bears as a congratulations for Valentina’s arrival. It was a cool set up in front of our house on the lawn. Very cool!

Ok to sleep while this hangry child is resting.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

2 Week OB Check & Lactation Support

Great check up today. Mommy healing continues progressing well.

About 18 lbs. were lost post partum.

Stacey came to the house later to meet and continue the lactation counseling.

The quarantine seems to be lifted as V is feeling better and fever seems to be gone.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Cabin Fever 🤒

So this is the second week of our Baby’s birth and it’s a little crazy. Between getting used to her schedule and feedings and diaper changes and sleep...well our Big Sister caught a fever and hasn’t been to school all week.

Today I quarantined myself in the nursery with the baby to help Mom our as she cared for V and to try and keep germs to a minimum. We do not want to end up with a sick newborn at this stage.

Our lockdown in her room allowed for plenty of gababababa and bonding time. It was special despite the cabin fever.

Mommy still recovering and had a major headache today to boot.

Gave Baby Luna a full bottle of formula midday to satiate her ferocious appetite. Hoping she’s gaining some healthy weight.

She’s still fussy but more alert as seen by our stare downs today.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Fussy Woes

We’re still working at learning to work together. It’s not easy. I definitely think Baby Luna is wayyyyyyy more fuzzy than Lady V ever was. She seems to always be hungry and when all needs are met, she cries some more.

We’ve ruled out colic. So she may just be a cranky baby!

I hope that doesn’t transfer over to her personality or the 3 of us are in trouble.

Hangry comes to mind a lot but she seems to be outright mad be took her out of her comfy and happy womb.

Today she literally cried herself to sleep from being so exhausted crying.

What has helped tons has been the Mamaru, that’s an excellent and very worth piece of rocking genius.

Let’s hope the attitude of this little lady improves. With her bath last night she slept 4 straight hours which was a first mega milestone!

Our neighborhood gifted us a beautiful basket of goodies and just affirms how great of a neighborhood we are in. Very nice caring people!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Baby Luna’s First Bath 🛀🏿

So baby had her first official bath at home tonight.

It was a catch up day for sure as we all slept in and out throughout most of the day. Shockingly Victoria did too which she never does. It was mainly due to a fever she had last night.

That earned her the privilege of sleeping in our bed tonight to her joy and excitement.

Under my watch, I ended up giving her a whole bottle of formula midday as I didn’t want to wake Momma from resting. She chowed it down as if we had not fed her for days.

It’s safe to say this little girls loves to eat.

Speaking of, we had some amazing cocido made by my mother in law. Some pan dulce too and ceviche. She brought us the works.

A beautiful personalized gift was shipped from my boss in Chicago. Very special.

Well today I get like I was hit by a semi on the 91. Let’s hope I’m not catching something as that would make things pretty miserable for everyone.

The bath completely knocked out the little one and the older one is soothing heat. Let’s hope it’s a quiet night.